The ScaleUp Institute works to make the UK the best place in the world for a business to scale up and grow. They want to help you to overcome the barriers that may be stopping your business from achieving even greater growth.

They also want to understand what has been important to your growth journey to date as well as what barriers your business currently faces when you try to grow. They want to know what you think is the most critical support that you need from the UK’s private and public sectors to help you to continue to scale.

The Scaleup Survey is now in its fifth year. Its influence and importance has grown rapidly, providing crucial data and insights which are informing how both the public and private sectors better support and break down barriers that face scaling businesses. It’s vital to build on that momentum.

The ScaleUp Institute builds on the pioneering research and recommendations published in the 2014 Scale-Up Report. The Institute collaborates with policy makers, corporate partners and educational establishments to take these recommendations forward, to track the targets set out in the report, and to make a real and identifiable impact.

They aim to advance understanding of how to scale up a business, and how to build the most effective environment in which scaleups can flourish. They spread best practice, providing opportunities for scaleup companies across industry sectors and regions to meet and share ideas. They undertake research, thought leadership and targeted projects with partners.

They work with policy makers to identify opportunities that will support scaleup businesses. They share their methodology and ideas to create resources that will help aspiring scaleup businesses, whilst keeping scaleups and their issues at the top of the UK political and business agenda.