West Cornwall Inner Space reopens for therapies and treatments

By West Cornwall Inner Space - 14th September 2020

West Cornwall Inner Space is offering a warm, and spiritual, welcome for those who have been missing their yoga, meditation and therapies during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The multi-purpose soul sanctuary at Newlyn, has undergone considerable transformation to reduce the risk and impact of the coronavirus pandemic without compromising the ethos of the centre.

West Cornwall Inner Space director Johanna Graham said: "The premises are marked with Om signs, two metres apart, to enable everyone to have a safe space to work. There will be hand sanitisers available for all to use, and Inner Space is naturally well ventilated with high ceilings."

Although the centre has all the equipment needed to cater for the broad variety of classes, it is advised that people bring their own yoga mat and a small towel to cover any blocks they use.

Johanna added: "If you have never practised yoga before, you don't have to tie yourself up in knots. It's wonderful for mental and emotional health. We need to take time to cherish ourselves for an hour or so each week learning to unwind naturally and slowly in a safe and comfortable environment."

The yoga classes at West Cornwall Inner Space allow new, and experienced, students to work gently, systematically and with awareness through progressive limbering exercises in preparation for the classical yoga postures, which stretch and revitalise the body, increase its potential for movement and release deep rooted tensions.

Breath control and awareness has been shown to improve the circulation, helping to promote calmness and mental strength. Exercises in concentration, visualisation and both moving and quiet meditations will calm and focus the mind, helping to relieve stress thus enabling you to place everyday problems into perspective.

The West Cornwall Inner Space has yoga, pilates, meditation and dance classes to choose from along with sessions in sound healing, gong baths, chakra healing, belly dancing, adult ballet, tai chi and massage.

Johanna said: "Children are going back to school, so take time to commit to you again by visiting our conscious living centre and soul sanctuary.

"We offer a beautiful and tranquil respite from this crazy world with an inner space to access  your own inner space. Aside from all of our classes, we have lots of lovely massage and healing therapies for you to choose from too, take a look on our website in the therapies section.

Health and wellbeing practitioners are also invited to make use of the space, with some prime teaching slots for those seeking a space to accommodate a good size class at two metres apart.

You don't have to tie yourself up in knots!

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