We’re always surprised when businesses turn down the offer of free business support. Firstly, it’s free and secondly, it will help your business. A Business or Skills Review could help you to grow, do things better or make more money…or even better, do all three. Who doesn’t fancy a bit of that?!

If you’ve ever found yourself saying one of these excuses it’s time to reconsider.

I’m fine thanks, my company is doing well already.
That’s fantastic but even the best can get better. Continual improvement is the lifeblood of sustainable business success and gaining an external perspective can unlock doors that you never knew existed.

I don’t have time.
Hands up, you’re going to have to invest a couple of hours of your time when you access business support but the knock on effect in improved productivity and business efficiency could save you countless others. We think it’s a pretty low risk gamble to take.

You can’t do anything for me that I can’t do myself.
Perhaps, but if you were to research all the options available to you it would like you far longer than if we were to do it for you. Moreover, with us doing the legwork you can be sure that the end result is absolutely right for you. Business support is our expertise.

You’re going to try to sell me something.
When we say our service is free, that’s exactly what we mean. There’s no hidden agenda, no strings attached and no secondary selling. We’re 100% independent and impartial and do not receive commission for the referrals that we make.

The Growth and Skills Hub is fully funded so there is absolutely no cost for our service. Zero, zilch, nada.

I can’t afford it.
Re-read the point above and think about this again. Our business support is completely free. Whether you have a Business Review or a Skills Review with us, you won’t be landed with an invoice at the end of it. Guaranteed.

In the case of a Skills Review some of the training that we refer you to may have a cost but we will always explore funded options and consider affordability in our recommendations.

So no excuses, get in touch to arrange a free Business or Skills Review and see where it could take you. Give us a call on 01209 708 660. 

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Written by: Julia Hughes
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