Mid Life MOT (50 PLUS: Choices)

Helping employers to support their workforce, with a particular focus on older workers.

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership is running a pilot project through the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) with the aim of helping employers to support their workforce, with a particular focus on older workers. In a world where we are living and working for longer it is essential for employers to create the right environment to capture the benefits of a mature workforce.

The trials will help the DWP understand:

  • The actions individuals take as a result of undertaking the mid-life MOT;
  • The user needs among those most at risk of experiencing long term unemployment;
  • The effectiveness of using local delivery channels and how these can complement the Money and Pensions Service (MAPs - see below for more info), the National Careers Service (NCS) and Public Health England (PHE), in supporting individuals with later life planning.

Why has this programme been developed?

Chances are that a proportion of your workforce is over 40 and as people are living and working for longer, this proportion is likely to increase over time, especially as the default retirement age has been abolished.

Do you know that older workers in your workforce give you many advantages as they contribute their skills, knowledge and experience to help your business grow and be successful?

They often provide better customer service and reflect the age of many of your customers too, so may understand their needs better. Great news for your brand!

However, there are a number of older workers who have to leave employment for a variety of reasons before their retirement date, and you could miss out on all this expertise, and the opportunity to help younger members of the workforce learn and develop. This premature departure can be due to caring responsibilities, poor health, or because they feel that they can’t keep up with new technologies or ways of working.

The Mid Life MOT was designed to help both you as an employer, and your employees, to  consider their health, skills needs and finances options so that you can begin a conversation about what they might need to help stay in work and lead fulfilling lives.

This forward planning and working together will benefit you both and help you to understand the needs of your workforce.

What simple things can employers do?

  • Consider flexible working options
  • If you have a benefits package, is it right for everyone?
  • Have conversations with older workers to understand what they might need as they age
  • Ask them to mentor younger workers so that those skills and experience are passed on
  • Consider a skills audit to identify training opportunities and work with local providers to deliver them
  • Offer financial planning advice and plan for a good retirement transitions for individuals
  • Encourage healthier lifestyles for all your employees
  • Make sure that older workers get the same opportunities as everyone else on your workforce.

Information to share with your employees - midlifemot.health/cornwall-ios


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Find out more about the Money and Pension service or download the MOT Employer checklist below.