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People Hub

Welcome to People Hub, a brand-new way of supporting residents across Cornwall, during these uncertain times.

Our advisers are on hand to provide free confidential advice and support regarding work, employment, and training.

If you're thinking of getting in touch with our helpline, please take a little time to read the information on this page first, so that you know how we can help.

Anyone in Cornwall who needs support and advice because you’re:

  • Currently employed but worried about what your employer is telling you, or you’re about to be furloughed or made redundant
  • Looking to retrain or develop new skills
  • Self-employed and need guidance
  • Unemployed and wondering what options are still open to you

Our advisers are able to talk through your issues and offer you immediate information, advice, and guidance regarding work, employment, and training.

They will also be able to signpost you to organisations and projects with specific expertise that can help you move forward.

They can offer you peace of mind, a chance to share your concerns, and reassurance that there is support out there.

Please note, People Hub cannot provide advice in relation to any Covid-19 health-related enquiries.  In this instance please refer to NHS services or current Government or Cornwall Council guidance.



CALL  0333 0150699

(Monday–Friday, 9am–4pm)

or email us on

[email protected]


Redundancy & Unemployment Support

If you are an individual who is unemployed, has received notice, or is at risk of redundancy then there is a wide range of support available - see the information below. 

We can help you understand which options are right for you, so call us if you want to talk this through.  

If your business is facing the prospect of making difficult decisions about staff redundancy or needs to restructure as a result of Covid-19, then please visit our redundancy support page for businesses.


A comprehensive guide to where to find help and advice if you are facing redundancy or seeking employment.

Seeking Work in Cornwall Guide

Seeking Work in East Cornwall, Plymouth & West Devon Guide

Lots of advice and help for job seekers all brought together on one site.

The National Careers Service provides one to one support to help individuals plan their next steps, help them improve their skills and to find alternative employment, including access to local job vacancy information in employment sectors experiencing demand for new staff. 

To get started call 0800 100 900 to speak to an adviser or arrange a local/online appointment.  Or visit their website to look at the range of support information on the website and use the online chat facility.

Adviza operate the National Careers Service here in Cornwall & Isles of Scilly and produce a weekly list of job vacancies for the County.  Visit their website to view the list and search for available vacancies.

If you need support with job search, applying for jobs or preparing for interview, then you can contact the National Careers Service on 0800 100 900 or visit their website.

The Proud to Care website is the gateway to finding work in the health and care sector in Cornwall & Isles of Scilly.  Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent work, the website has a list of live vacancies for you to choose from. 

You may be thinking of setting up your own businesses.  If so, Outset offer funded support to help you get started. 

Outset Cornwall offer their introduction to self-employment project; supporting people who are unemployed / inactive to consider self-employment, and to support people to start-up new businesses.  Outset also offer their Start, Run and Grow project which is funded by European Regional Development Fund and offers business start-up support but more limited personal development support.

Visit their website for more information.

European Social Funded projects

Within Cornwall we have a range of European Social Funded projects which provide additional support to individuals requiring some help to address any barriers to employment or skills training.  Take a look at the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Growth Programme  website for more detials. 

If you need support to identify which support may be best for you, then contact the People Hub. 

Reed in Partnership

Offer a Fast Track Training Programme for individuals who have recent work history but may need some assistance to 'brush up' on some key areas. 

The programme is be suitable for participants who:

  • may have been with a business for a while so have no recent interview experience and would benefit from some training and a mock interview with feedback
  • would like to move into alternative sectors and need support in being able to identify and 'sell' their transferable skills
  • recognise it is a competitive jobs market out there so would like support to 'stand out'
  • require help creating a CV and completing application forms
  • would benefit from confidence building and managing anxiety

For more information contact visit or email [email protected]  

To be eligible for the programme, participants must be unemployed, 16+ and have a barrier to employment. Anyone interested in becoming a participant can contact Reed so they can determine eligibility.

Seetec Pluss

Seetec Pluss offers also offer a range of employment support. Contact them or visit their website for more information.

tel: 0800 334 5525
email: [email protected]

Cornwall College

Has a range of courses to help people get back to work, some of which may be free if you are unemployed. Contact them or visit their website for more information.

tel: 0330 123 2523
emial: [email protected]

Citizen’s Advice

Can provides advice on a range of topics including employment.


Trade unions provide learning and skills support to people in a range of ways.

Union learning reps (ULRs) are the trained union volunteers on the ground in workplaces. Their role includes promoting the value of learning, providing information, support and advice and arranging learning and training. Speak to the trade unions in workplaces to find out who their ULRs are.

In many cases ULRs are backed up by Union Learning Fund projects, with experience where workers are looking to change roles or are facing redundancy or at-risk situations, enabling them to call on further support.

Many trade unions also run dedicated learning centres providing learning opportunities and support to members, and the public – there’s a directory at

Unionlearn is the learning and skills organisation of the TUC and develops resources to support ULRs working with their colleagues. Several of unionlearn’s online tools can be used by individuals on their own, as well as with the support of ULRs. They are free to use, often just needing you to register with a few details.

These include:

To keep updated with the latest information from unionlearn subscribe at

Coronavirus may cause unknowns or uncertainty for many people but if you have also lost your job then levels of stress and anxiety can leave you feeling overwhelmed.  Cornwall Council has summarised the range of support available in the County. 

To talk to someone about your mental wellbeing you can call the 24/7 NHS mental health telephone support, advice and triage help line - 0800 038 5300. Support is available to anyone, regardless of age, all day every day.