Real apprenticeship experiences

The benefits of apprenticeships are tenfold but don’t just take our word for it. Hear from businesses that have embraced apprenticeships and have never looked back…

It’s no secret that some people thrive in an academic environment and others thrive when they’re hands on.  It’s great to see our people flourish by engaging with the Modern Apprenticeship schemes.  It’s good for our team, it’s good for business and it makes work so much more enjoyable when you can see people find a path to a really productive, lucrative and fulfilling career.

Tony Sampson

Naked Solar

Find out how the Skills Hub helped Naked Solar harness the benefits apprenticeships.


A great way to expand Hertzians‘ growing business is to hire apprentices. Finding people with  the right expertise is incredibly difficult and software development programmes delivered to apprentices are a great step towards improving that in Cornwall.

 Christopher Weavill


People are at the heart of our business and through apprenticeships we find enthusiastic and committed individuals. Apprenticeships offer us long term recruitment solutions. The right individuals can progress to work in any of our sites, head office, or into a management role. 

Tamsyn Hawkins

St. Austell Brewery

We offer skilled careers in manufacturing and are very lucky to have an established, experienced team. This gives a unique opportunity to our apprentices to learn from our experts and because they are working on real projects, they are active members of the workforce from very early in their journey with us. 

Beth Mayman

St Austell Printing Company

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