Start Up Fundamentals

Helping new businesses to develop their expertise and sound foundations of governance, policies & practices for sustainability and success.

No matter what the sector, through a series of events and workshops the Evolve Futures Business Foundations programme is designed to provide founders of early-stage businesses and SME leaders with opportunities to develop their expertise and their networks, supporting their businesses towards adoption of best practices to underpin their long-term sustainability and success.

Having sound foundations of governance, policies and practices across all areas of business is essential for growth and for being ready to attract and secure future investment. 

What’s on offer - EVENTS

  • Regular 2–3-hour hybrid events designed to be encourage audience interaction and  participation
  • Sector specialist speakers and panels (commercial, research and business peers)
  • Networking sessions to build valuable business community connections and knowledge
  • Develop working relationships across the University of Exeter for long term added value, resources and new business opportunities
  • Event topics likely to include:
    • Legal (e.g., company constitutions, shareholder and founder agreements, contracts, etc.)
    • Insurance & Risk (e.g., understanding and managing risk in a business context, mitigation strategies, associated costs, regulatory considerations)
    • Finance (e.g., setting up robust financial systems, reporting, EIS/SEIS, etc.)
    • IP (e.g., understanding IP as a business tool, discovery and audit, IP asset evaluation and protection, strategies)
    • R&D tax credits (e.g., what are they? Evaluating eligibility, developing a strategy for tax claims)

What’s on offer – WORKSHOPS

  • 2-day intensive workshops (in person only)
  • Limited attendee numbers for maximum engagement and tailored learning interaction
  • Led by commercially experienced business advisors
  • Workshop topics likely to cover:
    • Bid writing (applying for Innovate grants or similar)
    • Bid writing (more generalized grant writing skills for commercial tenders and social or charitable fundraising)
    • Business modeling (Strategyzer Business Canvas model)
    • Design thinking for enterprises looking to innovate, bridging the gap between ground-breaking new ideas and the value those ideas can create

Who should attend?

These events and workshops are suitable for all early stage and growing enterprises irrespective of sector.  They are particularly useful for those who are keen to grow, innovate and seeking to be investment ready.

Empowering your business

At Evolve Futures, we're dedicated to empowering businesses. Whether you're at the inception of a new venture, looking to expand your current operations, or aiming to introduce innovative solutions, we're here to provide the guidance you need. Backed by extensive real-world business knowledge, our seasoned team crafts programmes tailored to shepherd you from the initial idea phase right through to achieving sustainable growth.

The University of Exeter has been commissioned to deliver the EVOLVE FUTURES project on behalf of the Growth Hub by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund as part of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Good Growth Programme.