Cerys Hartt

Communications Specialist

I have worked in local government and third sector for all of my career except for a brief stint in Tenerife where I learnt to scuba dive! I started working in finance for a department of Stockport Council that supported people with learning disabilities. When it became a charity, I was given the opportunity to be part of the charity’s development moving into a marketing role, starting their digital communications and becoming their volunteer manager.

I moved to Cornwall in 2014 talking about potholes and roadworks on social media with CORMAC and now I am getting everyone talking business in Cornwall.

Business idea that I’m secretly plotting: world domination.
My perfect day involves: in the sea with the sun shining.
Business hero: Sheryl Sandburg.
Career highlight: tweeting a dog poo.
Local businesses that I salute: any with a sea view
Most people don’t know this but I’m a closet: most people know everything about me.
If I could give start-up’s one piece of advice: get in touch with us…that is sort of my job to do this.
I’m always best remembered for my: reaction to being hugged.
My skills gap confession: spotting typos
Most useful training course I’ve been on: any one where Google presented.

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