Jon Teague

Grant Facilitation Manager

I have spent the last 20 plus years working predominantly in organisational governance and funding across the private, public and voluntary sectors. 

We have a lot of talent in Cornwall and I feel very privileged to have been involved with some excellent projects that continue to improve communities and drive economic growth.  

I’m passionate about the Cornish economy and love working with businesses and other organisations that are motivated to reach the next step in their journey.  


My perfect day would involve spending time with friends and family while listening to live music and sharing a few drinks.

A career highlight for me was writing the bid and business plan for funding a large community building in Lanivet.  Several years later and it is used so much that they have had to extend. Not only is it a great facility for the community, but the volunteer team behind the project were an absolute joy and inspiration to work with.

If I could give start-ups one piece of advice: I’ve worked with numerous start-ups and witnessed reoccurring issues, e.g. lack of planning, incorrect market assumptions etc, but sometimes the biggest issue is maintaining motivation when things are tough. 

My advice is to write down your source of motivation to run your own business - if preferable, you could draw something that represents it. Perhaps, this is about providing an excellent service, sharing your skills/knowledge, making the world a better place, or you just want to make lots of money. Keep this to hand every day, so when the proverbial hits the fan (at some point it will), you can use it to bolster your resolve and keep going.