Kirsty Miles-Musgrave

Investment Operations Manager

Experience in television broadcasting, corporate communications, reputation and project management brought me here to the Growth & Skills Hub and in this team there is never a dull moment.  It’s my job to make sure we get the word out and we will literally shout from the rooftops to reach each and every business in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.  I lead the Growth Hub operations team to ensure we deliver a high quality, customer focused business support service and communications strategy.

I hail from the home of Robin Hood and, as Nottingham is pretty much the furthest you can get from the coast, I came to Cornwall in search of sunshine and the sea and have never looked back.  I have moved around but always get drawn back to the rugged North coast, although I will go anywhere my beloved chocolate Labrador Reggie is welcome. And serves beer. Ideally both.

My perfect day involves: a long walk in the sunshine with my dog, preferably on the beach as he loves the water, followed by an alfresco lunch and a bottle or two of something chilled.  My other half can come too if he likes.

Most people don’t know this but I’m a closet: Sci-Fi fan. One day I would like to go to the Comic Con in San Diego, the sci-fi convention that is the mecca for geeks around the world.  I absolutely love Star Trek, Star Wars and Marvel and wish I had collected the comics when I was younger.  There, now you know.