Nikki George

Grant Facilitator

I have more than 20 years experience in the grant funding, project development and community & economic development sector in Cornwall.

For a significant part of my career, I have worked for Cornwall Rural Community Charity (CRCC). In this role I have been lucky to support many of our incredible community businesses and social enterprises doing amazing work for their communities and clients. I have also led facilitation support for several European and National grant programmes.


My perfect day involves the beach, family, friends, a BBQ – all bathed in glorious sunshine, of course. I love to be near the sea, whether it's strolling the coast path with my family, combing quiet coves for cowrie shells, braving cold water swims, riding waves on a bodyboard, or exploring the coastline on my paddleboard.

One of my proudest career moments has been collaborating with determined local community enterprises, helping them secure funding for vital community assets. I've witnessed these facilities thrive and make a profound impact on their respective communities over the past decade.

Local businesses I salute: I deeply admire businesses, big or small, that champion innovation to combat climate change and achieve net-zero goals.

Equally, I'm inspired by communities that unite to establish community-run businesses, ensuring essential services remain accessible to everyone in their local areas.