Roger Eaves

Investment Connector

I started my career as a Chartered Surveyor before moving to Cornwall in 1995. Wanting to stay in the county I retrained as a Financial Adviser. I ended up in banking but the climate in the late noughties meant I became redundant a couple of times. Seeking job security, I set up a property agency figuring it would be a bit harsh to make myself redundant!  

However, that’s what I did in 2018 after negotiating a successful sale. I then took some time out before entering the world of consulting and helping businesses prepare to scale their growth and for investment.


Most people don't know this but I'm a closet ultra cyclist. I discovered that the body goes where the mind points it and the key to completing the journey is effective decision-making in what can be some dark times.

If I could give start-up's one piece of advice it would be try to make the business an entity in its own right rather than putting the often driven and engaging entrepreneurial personalities at front and centre. It helps with the exit strategy and keeps the pressure nice and low.

My skills gap confession: I’m told that patience is a skill rather than a quality.