Cornish companies pledge sponsorship to help fight climate change with new tree planting foundation.

By Field to Forest Foundation - 18th November 2020

Cornish companies including Scott Woyka Fine Furniture, Shore Partnership Estate Agents, Cornish Concrete Products and Recoco Property have joined together to sponsor tree planting on British farmland with a new tree planting project, Field to Forest Foundation CIC.

Started in Cornwall, Field to Forest’s aim is to create a more local option for businesses to make environmental impact through tree planting; and to channel funding to farmers to plant trees on land that either can not be used for farming, or as part of agroforestry projects. Agroforestry is where trees are incorporated in to a traditional farming setting, for example having rows of trees amongst grazing animals. The practice has been proven to sequester impressive amounts of carbon in both trees and soil while also allowing food to be produced and creating habitats on farmland in the process.

Over 71% of land in the British Isles is agricultural so there is a huge opportunity to plant thousands of trees without impacting food production. At present, there are some grants available, however many farmers do not qualify for these grants. Linking businesses directly to the farmer to sponsor trees not only goes some way to balancing corporate carbon emissions but also to contributing to biodiversity in their area.

As more businesses come on board, so are farmers. There is a need for funding for hundreds of trees this planting season, which runs from November to March.

At a time where we all need to look seriously at our carbon emissions, and also support struggling biodiversity in the country, Field to Forest offers a new way to do this.

Each tree costs £8.00, this pays for the site preparation, planting and ongoing care and maintenance. To learn more about Field to Forest Foundation and how to involve your company, head to

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