Cornish Company in Quest for Purest Range of CBD Oils in UK

By EthicaCBD - 07th April 2021

EthicaCBD launches a new range of oils in its quest to produce the purest and most ethically-produced range of CBD oils available.

With a steely commitment to quality at every stage of the process, the Cornwall-based company sources the finest organic hemp and uses precise methods of extraction to deliver a previously unachieved level of natural purity to the mainstream consumer.

The newly launched range, simply named ‘Pure’, is made from carefully-cultivated organically-grown Swiss hemp-derived CBD. It is produced sustainably, and robustly tested in the world’s best laboratories to guarantee the very best quality of ethically-sound plant-based care. 

There are five oil blends available in the Pure range; Calm, Defence, Night, Body and Day. By embracing the qualities of other powerful botanicals, terpenes, minerals and vitamins, EthicaCBD has developed a range of products to support every body, every day. 

The company EthicaCBD was started as a necessary solution to the issues faced by one of the company’s founder’s, Olivier Reiner, when dealing with the disease Ankylosing Spondylitis. Whilst confidently searching for a high-quality CBD extract that would help his personal circumstances, he became increasingly frustrated by the abundance of inferior products available. Olivier knew that a CBD range with consistently high levels of purity would benefit not only himself, but potentially millions of others too, so he set about establishing EthicaCBD.

Founder Olivier says, “To offer the best CBD both for people and the planet, we place an uncompromising emphasis on quality in everything that we do.  We know from personal experience that top quality CBD can change lives. Our mission is to make those benefits available to all those who are searching for a natural remedy to the issues we face daily. I am extremely proud of the quality of the products we produce, and delighted to be launching the Pure range.” 

Strict quadruple-testing is undertaken to scientifically guarantee absolute quality in the final product. A strict refinement process and careful attention to detail means that EthicaCBD Pure is free from THC. At each stage of the process, the Pure range is proudly cruelty-free, vegan friendly, and free from toxins and heavy metals. 

To buy EthicaCBD’s range of CBD products head to

To offer the best CBD both for people and the planet, we place an uncompromising emphasis on quality in everything that we do. 

- Olivier Reiner, EthicaCBD
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