The Cornwall Local Energy Market (LEM) is looking for local businesses

By Cornwall Local Energy Market - 25th July 2019

The Cornwall Local Energy Market (LEM) has reached another landmark moment as they have successfully installed solar panels and smart battery systems in 100 homes across the county.

With the next phase of trials running from summer 2019, they are calling for local businesses and aggregators to register their interest on the platform, to view live requests for flexibility.

This phase will include National Grid and Western Power Distribution buying flexibility reserve and capacity to help meet network and system needs. Business participants with flexible energy capacity (the ability to produce more energy or reduce consumption at certain times) will be able to respond by declaring when they have capacity available to meet these needs and the platform will automatically match offers with requests.

Not only will participating local businesses receive payment for this service, you will also have the opportunity learn about the benefits of energy flexibility, as part of an award-winning local project with a global impact.

The LEM is also offering grants to Cornish businesses to install energy monitoring equipment. You will be able to find out how much electricity you are using down to individual device level, pinpoint and reduce energy wastage and identify opportunities to save energy in real-time.

For more information on either of these opportunities, please register your interest via [email protected] and they will contact you to discuss your participation.



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