COVID-19: Moving your business from the physical to the digital

By National Cyber Security Centre - 20th May 2020

COVID-19 has seen many businesses shutter their physical premises and move their operations online, as far as possible. Internet shopping and home working have, almost overnight, become the norm.

This shift in working practices is very likely to have changed the nature and priorities of the IT services and support which your business requires.

For sole traders or small business owners, establishing exactly what new cyber security measures you need to put in place can seem like quite a challenge.

This National Cyber Security Centre guidance will help you determine how ready your business is for this digital transition and point the way to any new cyber security measures you should put in place.

How to use the guidance

NCSC have provided you with a set of questions which you can ask yourself, and your IT service providers about the security of the systems you rely on.

They have also signposted advice which you can use to do your own research and inform any discussions you have with your suppliers.

If you would like to do some preliminary reading, NCSC have published advice and guidance specifically for individuals and businesses who are working from home:

The NCSC website also has hubs for the self employed and sole traders and for small businesses. These are good entry points into the world of cyber security.

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