Future Focus announce their biggest event for 2019

By Unlocking Potential - 22nd August 2019

The biggest Future Focus event of 2019 ‘Digital Mindset’ A full day event at The Eden Project on 9th October will give businesses in the region the chance to keep up with, and stay ahead of, the latest in digital thinking.

Organised by Unlocking Potential as the biggest Future Focus game-changer event of 2019 for ambitious, innovative businesses, Digital Mindset will aim to look at what lies beyond ‘ahead of the curve’ and to help businesses see the way ahead more clearly.

Over this full day event, influential, globally-sought-after speakers will bend minds, stimulate thinking and challenge assumptions about our digital future. The morning and afternoon sessions will get to grips with themes including marketing and customer experience in the digital age, retaining the human touch in the face of technology, enhancing employee engagement for better customer experience, ‘super-personalisation’ and the challenge of leadership in a new digital age.


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