Krowji to welcome summer visitors during Open Studios Cornwall

By Krowji - 10th May 2022

Krowji has confirmed plans to run their highly-anticipated Summer Open Studios event in May and June this year– as the creative hub continues to plan recovery from the devastating fire last spring.

Almost exactly a year after the serious fire destroyed the North Light building, the tenants at Krowji are delighted to welcome visitors into their studios to shine a light on their work and celebrate the artists and makers who call the Redruth site home.

Around 50 tenants will be taking part in Krowji Summer Open Studios – running from 28 May to 5 June as part of the wider Open Studios Cornwall initiative.

Open Studios provides a chance to meet the makers and see behind the scenes in artists’ studios, which are usually closed to the public. Around 50 artists, designers and makers will be opening up their studios to the public at this year’s summer Open Studios. This is one of only two Open Studios events which occur each year at Krowji.

Expect to browse everything from handmade pottery and unique wall hangings and decorations to fine art, jewellery, photography, and original paintings and prints during the 9-day event, held at the Redruth creative hub - the largest site in Cornwall to take part in Open Studios Cornwall and home to over 200 artists, makers and creatives.

Limited edition prints and one-off originals will all be showcased, along with homewares such as tableware, textiles, and decorative ceramics, all created by tenants in their Krowji studios.

Helen Trevaskis, an illustrator and writer who has also co-founded the outdoor living and textiles company DKSVR with her partner Rob Moss, said: ““We are Open Studios first-timers and we’re sharing our brand DSKVR and our product range for the first time.

“While it’s nerve-wracking wondering who will walk through our studio door and how they’ll respond to what we’ve created, it’s also exciting and we are proud to be part of an event that’s so admired across Cornwall.”

Tenants from the Phoenix group - those who lost their studio spaces to the fire - will take part in the event and will be displaying their work in Room W14.

Some of these artists have already been rehomed at Krowji since the fire - while others are returning especially for the Open Studios, as they wait for a new space.

Fiona Wotton, Chief Executive of Creative Kernow – the charity which owns Krowji – said: “We are thrilled to be able to showcase the incredible work of our community of artists and creatives through Open Studios at Krowji and to welcome visitors to the largest creative hub in Cornwall. 

“We hope visitors will put Krowji on their itinerary as they tour the many art spaces taking part in Open Studios Cornwall.”

Tenants from Krowji’s satellite studio cluster in Falmouth Road Redruth, known as The Yard, will also be participating in the event.

Stones Krowji café will be open for the duration of the event with delicious food and drink options, and there will be musical performances to enjoy at intervals over the Open Studios weekends.

Krowji Summer Open Studios is part of Open Studios Cornwall, which allows artists from all over Cornwall to open their studios at the same time, creating a county wide festival of art, design and craft for visitors to enjoy. More than 300 artists, designers and makers will be welcoming visitors into their studios from 28 May to 5 June 2022.

We hope visitors will put Krowji on their itinerary as they tour the many art spaces taking part in Open Studios Cornwall.

Fiona Wotton
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