In a move to substantially reduce the global effects of Climate Change, Bio Engine Technology Ltd is developing the Herbl(TM) engine and fuel to replace all fossil-fuelled engines in vehicles and marine craft.

‘So long as the internal combustion engine is built, it will use fossil fuel’ 

Eco-anxious motorists and commercial operators are eating less meat and recycling their plastic bags but they know, in spite of their stand against Climate Change, that every time they drive they are guilty of adding harmful gases and particulates to the atmosphere. While most would be reluctant to adopt a vegetarian, or even vegan, lifestyle, they would be happy to introduce their vehicle to such a life.  If it provided the convenience and competitiveness of their present vehicles without an increase in cost, they would buy it.  It would be similar to the smooth, low-cost transition from 35mm photography to digital. 

They are clearly not attracted to electricity.  The billions invested so far in the development and promotion of ‘clean’ electrical transport are unlikely to provide the returns their backers seek. The engineers at Bio Engine Technology Ltd are working with a computer team at Riventa Ltd, Threemilestone, Truro, to conclude the development of the powerful Herbl(TM) engine and biofuel.  With exhaust composed of just neutral CO2 and steam, the excellent results set a standard in low-cost travel convenience and cleanliness not achieved elsewhere.          

CH3CH2OH + 302 2CO2 (neutral) + 3H2O

In addition to substantially reducing the effects of Climate Change, a smooth transition to this engine offers its users and global agriculture additional benefits.  A look at our website will provide many of the answers but we look forward to your queries. Look out for further chapters in this story as the development emerges in the market place.  

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Written by: Philip Hosken of Bio Engine Technology Limited
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