With this year’s deadline fast approaching, Companies House is urging companies to keep on top of their filing responsibilities.

More than 25,000 companies missed last year’s September accounts deadline and incurred a late filing penalty as a result. 30 September marks a common deadline for many companies, and a total of 25,049 companies failed to meet this date for filing in 2018. Another 643 companies narrowly avoided a penalty, filing their accounts in the final hour before the deadline. In total, 223,640 late filing penalties were handed out in 2018. Last year we revealed some of the most bizarre excuses that some people have given for failing to file their accounts on time.

With this year’s deadline fast approaching, we’re urging people to file their accounts on time and online by using our quick, simple and secure digital services.

With the summer holidays over and the school year now upon us, September can be a busy time for many people.

However, if you are a company director you should be aware of your responsibilities to file annual accounts with Companies House on time. Failure to do so will result in a late filing penalty.

Filing electronically is easier and faster, and our digital services have in-built checks to ensure that any necessary information is provided before accounts can be submitted.

Ian Gronland

Senior Enforcement Manager