Collaborate for Training Success

You’ve identified that your business has a specific training need but all the suitable courses are either too far away or at inconvenient times. Budget limitations mean bespoke, in-house training is a no-no so it’s game-over, you’re just going to have to live with that skills gap and let dreams of business growth linger on the ‘one day’ pile. Well, never fear. 

Let us introduce collaborative training.

Whatever you have identified as being a skills gap in your company there’s a pretty good chance that another company, not far from you, is thinking exactly the same thing. Whether you need to upskill on finance, get some management training or whatever else, it makes sense to team up with others and share costs.

But doesn’t it mean that I will be helping my competitors to upskill?

Not at all. Common training needs aren’t always industry specific. Take social media marketing for example. A hotel and estate agent are just as likely to want to use the likes of Facebook and Instagram to promote their product; what they are saying and who they are talking to is completely different, but the principles in how to harness social media are the same.

Collaborating on training is good for business

  • It is cost effective
  • It allows you to organise a time and place that is convenient to you
  • It provides valuable networking opportunities between delegates
  • It offers an outlet to learn from other businesses
  • It will help your business and others improve which will help the local economy

So, time to get down to business and use good old team work to help your business develop.

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