Benefits of hiring an apprentice

They kick-start careers, develop existing staff and increase motivation; an apprenticeship could be just the boost that your company needs.   

They’re cost effective - One of the most appealing apprenticeship qualities to an employer is that they’re relatively cheap. Not only in terms of salary but also when you consider recruitment costs and the government funding that is available. If financial concerns are at the forefront of your thinking, an apprentice could be a cost-effective option. However, that shouldn’t be your only reason. 

They’ve got bags of energy and fresh ideas - If you recruit well, you’ll find that apprentices are full of energy and are highly motivated. They want to do well as for many it’s their first proper job and coming straight out of education they may bring fresh ideas. And if you hire an older apprentice, the fact they want to learn new skills shows they’ve got a desire to do well. 

They’re loyal - Research shows that if you treat an apprentice well, they’ll stick around for the long term so investing in their training can reap rewards both now and in the future. 

They set a good example - Apprentices who are new to your line of work won’t have developed some of the bad habits and complacency that more senior employees may have picked up. You can mould the apprentice into your ideal employee to set an example to the rest of your workforce. 

They’re highly productive - Thanks to new improved apprenticeship standards, apprenticeships reflect the skills that employers actually need so have a direct impact on productivity and efficiency. In fact, apprenticeships have been proven to increase productivity by an average £214 per week.   

They boost staff morale and motivation - Recruiting apprentices and offering apprenticeships to existing members of staff demonstrates that as an employer you value your team and are committed to their future. Not only does this give apprentices themselves a massive pat on the back but also sends a positive message to others - and when staff feel good about their future the business benefits are tenfold.  

They bring new skills to the company - Apprenticeships can help businesses fill skills gaps and keep up with industry advancements. Young apprentices may naturally have skills that older employees are lacking. For example, IT and digital competencies tend to be higher among those starting their careers than at the other end of the spectrum.