Net Zero Grants

Closed in January 2024 - Decarbonisation and improving the natural environment whilst growing the local economy. 

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The deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest was 5pm on Friday 19 January 2024 so this scheme is now closed.

You can still get free business support for Net Zero activity - find out more here.


What are the grants for?

The Net Zero grants aim to help businesses and organisations committed to decarbonisation by supporting investment to reducing their greenhouse emissions (CO2e).

Minimum grant value of £2,500 so the minimum total project value is £5,000 as grants require at least 50% match funding.

The expected grant average for this scheme is £25,000, with a total project value of £50,000, although applicants can apply for up to a maximum grant value of £200,000.

Your grant application must relate to activity associated with existing business activity, not new activity. Where applicants intend to expand existing activity, this may be eligible provided the activity will still produce total net CO2e savings. 

The deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest is 5pm on Friday 19 January 2024. 

What we can fund.

This list is not exhaustive, but examples include:

  • Renewable energy generation infrastructure as part of a wider location based CO2e savings project.
    • Energy generated must primarily be for use on site.
  • Energy storage as part of a wider location based CO2e savings project.
    • e.g in conjunction with renewable energy generation and increased efficiency.
  • Fabric energy efficiency measures e.g. insulation.
    • Where appropriate, applicants should consider whether fabric energy efficiency measures may be used before the installation of low carbon heating or energy generation measures.
  • Low carbon heating measures.
  • EV charging infrastructure for business use only vehicles (e.g. delivery vehicles, customer use).

What we can't fund.

  • Activity to reduce CO2e associated with new business activity.
  • Carbon offsetting.
  • Installation of renewable energy generation infrastructure for commercial gain, such as a solar farm, or to reduce energy bills only.
  • Stand-alone energy storage or energy storage capacity simply to take advantage of a lower overnight tariff.
  • Fossil fuel heating measures.
  • Wages or salaries.
  • New for old or replacement goods and services.
  • Projects that have already started, i.e. financial or contractual commitments have already been made.

You must read and answer YES to these questions first before applying:

  • Do you have or are you willing to commit to producing a decarbonisation plan for your organisation?
    • Applicants invited to full application will have access to support to complete a decarbonisation plan.
  • Is your business or organisation a legal trading entity?
    • e.g. limited company, sole trader, partnership or CIC?
  • Do you have a dedicated bank account?
  • Can you provide your latest full set of business accounts?
  • Is your business and/or project located in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly?
  • Will your proposed activity/project be completed before 31st December 2024?
  • Does your enterprise currently pay the Real Living Wage or is prepared to commit to paying by 31st December 2024?
  • Successful grants are paid in arrears. Can you cash flow your project costs before a claim is made?
  • Can your business or organisation provide at least 50% match funding for the project?
  • Are you willing to contribute to at least one of the Good Growth Principles