Research, Development & Innovation

Grants for equipment to further research, development and innovation projects 


Up to £25k grant funding available to purchase equipment or kit to further your RD&I project. 

We want to encourage businesses that have the ambition and capacity to grow through RD&I to improve their productivity, whilst also delivering improvements in environmental sustainability and enhancing social responsibility.


What is available? 

Capital grant funding of up to £25,000 to purchase kit or equipment to help progress your RD&I project, or to help bring a new product to market. 

The grants can fund activity that will help your business to grow through innovation but priority will be given to businesses who are collaborating and sharing knowledge with project partners or third party organisations. 

You must also be able to show how it will create a positive economic impact for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. 

The funding can help you to:

  • introduce new products or services to your business.
  • aid adoption of new technologies or processes.
  • create prototypes and bring products to market.
  • create pilots or proof concept.
  • purchase capitalised software.

Your business must...

Plan to buy kit or equipment - grants are for capital purchases only

Provide at least 50% match funding 

Complete your project by 31 December 2024

Cashflow the cost of your project as grants will be claimed retrospectively.

Contribute to the Good Growth Principles.

Pay the Real Living Wage to all staff, or commit to paying the RLW by 31 December 2024

Applicants must use their grant to create a positive outcome such as:

  • engaging in new knowledge transfer activity (priority outcome)
  • introducing new products to the business 
  • adopting new to the business technologies or processes 
  • new to market products 
  • Greenhouse gas reductions (% decrease in Tonnes of Co2e) 
  • improved productivity 
  • adopting new or improved products or services 
  • creating jobs

If you have a relevant project in mind for your business, then get in touch. We have a team of expert Business Connectors that can discuss the options in more detail. 

Call us on 01209 708660 weekdays between 10am & 3pm - if we are unable to answer please leave a message and we will call you back. 


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