Following its new business partnership with Bloom, Cornwall Chamber is delighted to announce how the partnership will keep the Cornish economy in Cornwall plus bring money in from outside the County.

Cornwall Chamber of Commerce recently announced its new business partner Bloom Procurement Services – a partnership selected because their values align so well, to create a stronger Cornwall.

At a recent event, the Chamber connected the business community with the Bloom platform, which can introduce them to public sector contract holders such as Cornwall Council, Universities, the NHS and many more. Effectively this allows us to be instrumental in keeping the Cornish pound in Cornwall, and furthermore, bring the London pound to Cornwall.

Cornwall’s economic scene

Cornwall’s GVA is an estimated £11bn, of which £4.6bn comes from public sector contracting. Ergo, almost half of the money circulating in the Cornwall economy comes from contracts for work paid for by the tax payer. Public sectors are enormous here in Cornwall and Cornwall Council makes up a whopping tenth of that £11bn. One tenth of all the money in Cornwall is within its local authority. Bloom can connect businesses to this source of income.

As a Chamber of Commerce, the main objective is to keep Cornwall’s economy within its LEP boundaries. As such, they must select local providers for any contracts or tenders they are seeking. This keeps Cornwall’s economy local and adheres to the social value initiative public sectors are aligned with.

What are the benefits of joining Bloom?
Bloom’s Cornwall ambassador, Robert Salvoni spoke of the three legs to the stool or three beneficiaries to Cornish businesses choosing to sing up to the Bloom platform, which are listed below.

Cornwall Public Sector

  • Expand beyond CC
  • Broaden Categories
  • Deliver Social Value


  • On-Board Cornish SMEs
  • Promote Cornish SMEs
  • Give access to UK market

Cornish Suppliers 

  • Win new contracts
  • Expand beyond Cornwall
  • Bring business growth and job security

Overall, this event sought to connect Chamber membership and beyond with opportunities and to strengthen the economy of Cornwall.