It will be good for your business and good for you says Ian Watkins, one of our skills experts.

Ian WatkissNo business or business person is perfect. Even the most successful business people have something that they could do better or something that always lingers on the to-do list. For some it’s using Excel spreadsheets, for others it’s business planning, digital marketing or public speaking. Sometimes it doesn’t matter – there’s somebody else in the company that is a whizz with Excel or knows how to master Facebook algorithms leaving you to focus on what you’re great at.

When teams are small though there is much less wriggle room. Ignoring the bits of the business that you don’t like doing will slow productivity and cause a drag on efficiency. Worse still, it could make doing business less enjoyable and take the shine off why you started the business or took the job in the first place. 

There’s good news though. Very often just a small change will make a big difference. Learning how to use Excel formulas could cut your workload by half, getting to grips with Twitter scheduling could make managing your social media less painful. Training has the power to not only transform your weaknesses but also transform your business.  

At the Skills Hub, by matching businesses with the right training, we help businesses face their weak spots head on so that they can move forward and flourish. 

Studio Wallop, is just one of the businesses that we have helped. Owner, Kim Tolfrey, says: “The Skills Hub helped me to go through all the niggly things about running a business that I had been putting off. They saved me time and found all the information that I needed.”

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