Innovate UK’s Global Business Accelerator Programme, delivered by the Enterprise Europe Network, is organising a technology visit to Israel for businesses in the cyber tech/ cyber security industry.

Eligible companies can apply for flights, four nights accommodation and the participation fee for Cybertech TLV 2018 will be funded through the Global Business Accelerator Programme.

Your business will have also have a pre-visit and in-country briefings providing market information and advice on how to do business in the cyber sector; training on how to improve your pitching skills and training on how to protect your IP.

Coinciding with Cybertech Tel Aviv, delegates will have the opportunity to meet Israeli cyber tech companies, research centres and key stakeholders, with the aim of developing strong international partnerships for future collaboration/commercialisation.

Israel is considered a cyber powerhouse, hosting the world’s largest cyber security sector, after the US. Historically security has always been a top priority, both socially and politically and Israel is home to the world’s most impressive cyber intelligence unit, Unit 8200 which is also the largest unit of the Israel Defence Force.

Cybertech Tel Aviv takes place from 29 – 30 Jan 2018 and is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Ministry of Energy and the Israel Innovation Authority.