HR & Recruitment webinar season to help small businesses in Covid times

By The Inclusivity Project - 16th February 2021

We know that small business owners here in Cornwall might be struggling right now, so we’ve put together a series of events to help you and your staff.

Maybe your staff are at home trying to juggle their productivity with supervising children’s worksheets on multiplying fractions.

Or maybe you’re wondering how to adapt around vulnerable staff with long-term health conditions or disabilities, and how to make sure you’re not inadvertently discriminating and can offer your staff equality.

Or maybe your management style needs special consideration under these special circumstances, and you wonder how to manage when everything’s uncertain.

Perhaps it’s mental health that’s most pressing for you and your team right now.

Well, we’ve got your back with our HR webinar season.

You can join any event, but if you want to sign up for the whole series, we’d love to have you there.

Read about the whole series and sign up for as many as you want to, here

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