Who We’ve Helped

Having spent some time getting to know our business, Ian perfectly understood our skills needs and was able to help us identify the training that we want to focus on.
Josie Harbron, Fusion
The Skills Hub provided an in-depth scrutiny of our situation and really explored opportunities that might be helpful for us. I didn't feel pigeon-holed, and am very excited that we can engage in meaningful training for our team soon as a result!
Linda Norfolk, Equipment for the Physically Challenged
Julia's time spent interacting with Design79 and discussing both our current capabilities and our aims for the future, meant that she was in the perfect position to discuss the skills and relevant courses that would be most beneficial. I've already signed up for two short courses that Julia researched and suggested that match the skills that we are most eager to develop, and I hope to enrol on more in the future.
Debs Simmonds, Design79
It was great to talk through the training needs and opportunities of the company with someone who understands that people learn in different ways and need different support. Through a personalised service Ian was able to signpost me to options specifically tailored to my needs.
Laura Mellish, Kinesiology
Lisa from the Skills Hub helped me to go through all the niggly things about running a business that I had been putting off. It was great to talk to her about the legal requirement for working with young people. She saved me time and found all the information that I needed – it turned out to be not as onerous as I had thought!
Kim Tolfrey, Producer, Studio Wallop
Through the Skills Hub we have been able to quickly find courses that are right for our needs and explore funded opportunities – something that would have taken considerable time had we not had the project at our side.
Martyn Pipe, Jo Downs Glass Design

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