How we've helped Bull & Wolf Film Co

Growth Hub case study

Business overview

Bull & Wolf Film Co was established by owner Joe Turnbull in 2018, to create innovative and engaging original content in the digital age.

‘I wanted to take my skills learnt in TV and turn that into something that meant I could stay in Cornwall.’

Joe Turnbull, Bull & Wolf Film Co

How we helped

Joe began Bull & Wolf Film Co but had no experience in starting or running a business, so he contacted the Growth Hub for advice.

‘Mark Harris (Growth Hub Business Connector) came to my house and we sat down and had a coffee and a chat and he was really good in asking questions about where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, in a really relaxed and informal manner - but in a way that gave me confidence.

It was a really good way to have someone as a sounding board - to test my ideas against, to see if they had any merit’

Since then, Bull & Wolf Film Co has gone from strength to strength, building the business and growing their client base with a wide range of clients ranging from SME’s to major multinational companies.

After eighteen months of growth, Joe and Mark had a catch up meeting to look at the next stages for the business.

‘From the support that they gave us initially, we’re now in a position where we’re looking to hire another full-time employee - and with ambitious growth plans over the next two to three years to take us from being being a small business, to a leading light in Cornwall’s video creative sector.

So if you are looking to start a business, or move your business to Cornwall, the first thing I would do is to get in touch with the Growth Hub. It’s helped us grow far faster than we would have done if I’d done this of my own back.’

Business name Bull & Wolf Film Co
Contact number 01326 450655
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