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Business overview

Bob set up his own business Morek Engineering in 2019. After studying for a degree in ship science at the University of Southampton, he had a long career as a naval architect designing and managing the construction of major marine structures across the UK and beyond.  He moved to Cornwall six years ago to take up a position with the pioneering marine contractors Mojo Maritime.  After Mojo transitioned to the UK plc James Fisher, Bob spotted his opportunity to launch an engineering start-up. He named it Morek which is Cornish for maritime.

A naval architect designs ships and offshore structures. Morek Engineering’s focus is on technology and project development in three key areas - offshore renewables, (fixed and floating offshore wind, wave and tidal energy), low carbon shipping, and the reduction and prevention of marine pollution.

“We have a good track record in offshore construction, particularly in tide energy, with Morek I’d like to ply these skills across a wider range of marine technology development projects.”

Working out of the expanding marine sector around Falmouth, he already had connections around the globe and since forming, Morek have worked all over the world.  With projects as diverse as working from the deck of a construction vessel installing tide turbines at the Meygen tide energy array, to supporting mooring design for floating lidar to measure wind speeds in the Ulsan region of South Korea.

My advice for setting up a business – do your homework! Identify your weaknesses and try to take advantage of the excellent support the area has to offer.

Bob Colclough

How we helped

Bob met with Connector Matt in 2019 as he was setting up Morek Engineering.  As an expert in the field with years of experience, he wasn’t worried about attracting clients to his start up. He needed help in establishing the business basics to make everything run smoothly in the background.

Matt discussed support from the Access to Growth Fund. This small grant allowed Bob to invest in finance and accountancy services to support implementation of business processes, such as setting up payroll and getting on top of tax.  He also had legal advice to set up standard contracts and terms and conditions. These would help protect both himself and the client’s intellectual property for the project technology he was working alongside.

Bob’s plans are to continue with managed, sustainable growth. Keeping control of the business and having the option to pick and choose the right projects to work on. He is looking into further business support to increase his productivity and employ additional staff.

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