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Business overview

Naomi started creating pet portraits after seeing life like drawings of pets on Instagram and thought she would give it a go. Starting with just friends and family, word of mouth spread, and she soon had a waiting list.

“I stumbled across a pet portrait drawing on Instagram and I thought it was a photo it was so good. Then I realised that this was her job!”

Already fed up with her job as a sound engineer, she was able to take it professional in 2018 and met with the Growth Hub a year later.

Without any guidance your time can just go down the plug hole!

Naomi Jenkin

How we helped

Naomi met with Connector Christina and discussed all aspects of her business, from where she was successful and areas to improve. Naomi had a quality product, that was in demand, however she wanted to increase her client base by converting more of her enquiries. She was receiving enquiries from customers out of Cornwall, but she needed some help to increase that market and identifying customer profiles and targeting the right audience at the right times when they are more likely to buy.

Christina recommended Naomi apply for an Access to Growth Fund grant to increase her customers online. Working with a local company, she has developed and full marketing strategy. From targeting the breeds of dog for a campaign. Times to invest in advertising, when people are likely to buy and a follow up plan for conversions. This put her in a place where she has a comfortable customer base, and she can start to look at expanding her range into wildlife art and prints of her original works.

Business name Naomi Jenkin Art
Contact number 07749 408205
Contact email [email protected]
Naomi Jenkin retriever picture