How we've helped Place Architects

Growth Hub case study

Business overview

Place Architects creates vitality, joy and delight from an idea, a sketch or a building. The team analyses sites to assess context, heritage and local vernacular. The team, with Mark Kemp as Director, design projects that consider scale, materials and their impact on the environment. 

The Growth Hub made a difference to me and my business. I don’t think I would be sitting here with a new business name, a new office, a new vision and a new mission if I hadn’t have gone through that process.

Mark Kemp, Place Architects

How we helped

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Growth Hub did provide us with a lot of help. We took advantage of a technical assessment and that kick start helped us to focus more clearly. We also received an analysis of potential staff training needs, identifying different courses that were available.

Thirdly, they provided me with executive coaching and I had a meeting with Oxford Innovation so it introduced a certain level of transparency amongst the staff as well. We need everybody to be engaged and involved in what we are doing if we want to succeed. 

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