How we've helped RB Knifemaker

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Business overview

Ronen started his business from a hobby creating knives alongside his career in architecture. After exhausting giving away the knives as gifts to his friends and family, he decided to start selling at fairs and shows around the country. His speciality is knives made for camping, hunting and hiking as well as bespoke commissions. He describes his knives as “good looking, good working tools”.

He also runs workshops for individuals and small groups over one or two days where he teaches people the basics of blacksmith techniques. They get to test their skills by practising forging scrap metal first, to feel the way it moves.  Then they move on to working with knife steel and making their own knife.

The website should help me immensely!

Ronen Burstein

How we helped

Ronen met with Connector Mark at the end of 2020. They discussed how he advertised and promoted his business as well as financing, and he was signposted to further support in both areas. Ronen successfully received a Covid Kickstart grant, helping him to launch a new website with an online shop. He also received funding for a power hammer which will drastically reduce the time spent building his knives. In some cases, it can save up to eight hours for one knife.

Business name RB Knifemaker
Contact number 07800 880 743
Contact email [email protected]
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