Micro grant award from Outset Cornwall

By Penwith Mandatory Training Ltd - 20th January 2020

Penwith mandatory training is a company that was formed in September this year by a mother and grandmother who are experienced in Education and Healthcare. Following redundancy from a local education provider and discussions on the lack of face to face, affordable and accessible training from local care providers Penwith Mandatory Training Ltd was formed.

Katy Watkins and Jackie Sheldon have developed courses not only for health care providers and other companies but also individuals who may want training for their job, to return to work or to help gain qualifications for a career change. Their courses are generic to all jobs as they are adaptable to meet need, however they do provide more clinical courses for healthcare professionals such as Phlebotomy, catheterisation, end of life, verification of death, basic life support, moving and handling to name a few.

Training is available 7 days a week including evenings and bank holidays to meet local business and individual need. They come to your workplace or a local facility to deliver the training. This cuts out travel costs and lost days from work.

Katy and Jackie have been working closely with Outset Cornwall to develop their business and have been awarded a micro grant which will enable them to have their courses certificated for use as continued professional development (CPD) recognised hours.

Penwith Mandatory Training Ltd have been working with local companies who have provided good feedback:

'I would highly recommend Penwith Mandatory Training. The team make all the training sessions interesting, enjoyable and engaging.  Jackie will adapt the courses to suit their needs. We will continue to use them for all future training.’
Beth, Home Care Manager

If you are looking to update your knowledge and skills, want your staff compliant with up to date safe practice or you want to improve your job/ career prospects then take a look at the website www.penwith-mandatory-training-ltd.co.uk  or email [email protected].

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